JudithDonaghy- Artist, Semi-Abstract Art, Landscape Art, Original Art

About Me & My Work

Born in Frodsham Cheshire, I now divide my time between Cheadle Hulme, Cheshire and Anglesey, North Wales where I have my studios.

I paint in oil with palette knives and brushes on canvas mainly from my studios, sometimes plein air, favouring subjects that allow me an element of freedom to  express my ideas.  My work features in galleries in the UK and  private collections abroad and I have been fortunate to have paintings included in both solo, and mixed exhibitions.

A former textile designer, colour, texture and design have always been important to me when conveying particular feelings in an artwork. 

For over 20 years, now, I have been exploring and discovering new ways of saying things in my work;  so much so that my way of painting has become  largely second nature, relying on instinct and experience to guide my hand.  

I try to capture the atmosphere and emotion of the landscape by first making small sketches and gathering information before heading back to the studio to paint.

I love starting a new work and paint freely at first allowing my mind free rein, enjoying the creative and instinctive process before adding more detail. 

Judith On The Beach

Judith On The Beach

I find it interesting to compare the work I did some years ago with the work I produce today.  To some extent I have moved away from geometric, quite formal shapes, although some vertical structures can still be found in recent work.   In the early years these formal lines and shapes  became synonymous with my paintings, the signature style by which my work was recognised.  My recent work is softer, more intuitive and impressionistic.

I occasionally give workshops at Stockport Art Gallery.

and also teach palette knife painting one day a week.

  • Commissions undertaken
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