Judith Donaghy

Castle on the Beach

28x36 inches plus frame

sold   at Cheshire art gallery


8x8 inches

Church Bay

oil on canvas.   70x90 cm

sold  at Cheshire art Gallery

Five sheep and a lamb

oil on canvas 60x60 cm

 New collections of little flower paintings are  available from Cheshire Art Gallery, Bramhall and County Galleries, Altrincham.

sold at Cheshire art gallery

The girl in the yellow coat

oil on canvas.  50x50 cm


'Look but don't touch'

Textured oil on canvas.  30x30cm

for sale

'the girl in the Red Jacket'

Textured oil paint on canvas. 


for sale 

Four new little flower paintings each measuring 20x20cm each plus frame.

       These are sold but new paintings are now available from County Galleries, Altrincham, Cheshire.

'Stroppy Millie'

oil on canvas 60x60cm plus frame

for sale 

'Sheep in the Meadow'

oil on canvas.


'English Lavender'

oil on canvas.   50x60 cm plus frame.


oil on panel. 40x60 cm plus frame.

 The Old Tractor.

oil on canvas 40x60cm plus frame.


oil on canvas 20x20 cm plus frame.